What can I watch with a subscription to Rogers NHL LIVE™?


RCC_NHL_MAP_1800px-wide[3]This map is a depiction of the broadcast territories for all seven Canadian teams. As you can see, it is a complicated illustration that can lead to many questions, which is why we are attempting to provide all the necessary answers to questions that you—the customer—may have. To see which games you get included in your subscription, we have included a number of tools here for your convenience.

What Can I Watch Tool:

If you would like to check the NHL schedule on a daily basis to see what games you’re able to watch, proceed to our handy What Can I Watch? tool. Simply choose your province and team–or, if you wish, don’t choose a specific team and you can see games of all teams–you wish to watch and click ‘Check.’ If you are from Ontario, you will also have to input your postal code. This is because Ontario is designated with more broadcast regions than other provinces, resulting in a number of cases where someone is on the boundary between two regions.

Once you have selected your province and team, you will be given the day’s schedule. If a game is grayed out, it means the game is a blackout in your region. Anything that is red is available for you to watch with your subscription.

Note: Blackout/authentication rules are applied based on where you are accessing the game from, not based on billing address.

Game counts by region

If you would like to see approximately how many games you will get in your subscription based on your location, proceed to any of the regions below.

Note: If a game you want to watch is blacked out, you can access this game if it is airing on Sportsnet by subscribing to SPORTSNET NOW, which you can use to stream without a cable package. Back to Top >

Broadcast rules

How many NHL games are broadcasted in Canada on TV?

Each NHL team plays 82 regular season games – a portion are broadcasted nationally and a portion are broadcasted regionally

  • National games: licensed by the NHL to Rogers to be broadcasted coast-to-coast
  • Regional games: licensed by specific NHL teams to a local broadcast partner in their region to be broadcasted only within the team’s local territory
  • In total there are 1,271 NHL games broadcasted during the NHL regular season and 60 – 105 Stanley Cup Playoff games

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What is the difference between Out-of-Market and In-Market NHL games?

National games are broadcasted across Canada so the concept of out-of-market / in-market does not apply to those games. Out-of-market vs. in-market only applies to Regional games. Outside of a team’s local territory, the right to broadcast Regional games is considered an “Out-of-Market” (OOM) broadcast right

  • For example: A Toronto Maple Leaf fan that lives in Vancouver would be considered out-of-market for Leaf games

Within a team’s local territory, the right to broadcast Regional games is considered an “In-Market” broadcast right

  • For example: A Toronto Maple Leaf fan that lives in Toronto would be considered in-market for Leaf games

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Why do blackouts exist?

Regional blackouts are a mandate of the NHL, designed to cultivate and protect a team’s home market. Every team in the NHL has a number of “regional” games–which are sold by the team to a regional broadcaster and are available only to those in a team’s broadcast region–and “national” games, which are available for anyone to watch from coast-to-coast. Back to Top >

How do blackouts work?

Blackouts only apply to in-market NHL games. National games and out-of-market games are not subject to blackouts.

Blackouts are applied based on four criteria:

  1. The region where a fan is when they view a live NHL game
  2. The NHL team or teams that are considered in-market for that region
  3. Whether the fan is attempting to view a game involving the in-market team(s) for that region
  4. Whether the game they are attempting to watch is a regional game or a national game

When a fan is trying to watch an in-market game they will only be able to access that game on television from the local broadcast partner that owns the TV rights. Within Rogers NHL LIVE™ that game will be blacked out.

  • Note: with TV authentication the Rogers NHL LIVE™ subscriber might be able to access the game if they meet the correct criteria, see below:

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What is TV authentication?

When the right to an in-market game is owned by Rogers it is broadcasted on TV on Sportsnet. When the right to an in-market game is owned by TSN, RDS, or TVA, the games are broadcasted on those TV channels.

  • We have included all these in-market games in Rogers NHL LIVE™, but they are subject to TV authentication.

TV authentication means that if a subscriber is trying to watch an in-market game on Rogers NHL LIVE™, they must also have the corresponding TV channel for that game within their cable TV package with a participating TV provider.

Scenario: A Rogers NHL LIVE™ subscriber tries to watch an in-market game

  • If the subscriber does not have the corresponding channel within their TV package, that game will not be available within Rogers NHL  LIVE™ (it will be blacked out).
  • If the subscriber has the channel within their TV package, but the TV package is not from a participating TV provider, that game will not be available within Rogers NHL LIVE™ (it will be blacked out).
  • If the subscriber has the channel within their TV package and the TV package is from a participating TV provider, that game will be available within Rogers NHL LIVE™ (the stream will start).

The current list of participating TV providers is:

  • Rogers
  • Telus Optik
  • Vidéotron (currently only available for TVA Sports channels)
  • Source Cable
  • ShawGo
  • Eastlink
  • i3 Broadband

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What does all of this mean for a subscriber to Rogers NHL LIVE™?

A Rogers NHL LIVE™ subscriber with a full access 2018-19 Season’s Pass and the correct TV Authentication will have live access to every NHL game during the 2018-19 regular season, the entire 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and all special games. That is 1,271 regular season games and 60-105 playoff games! Back to Top >

I subscribe to Sportsnet, TSN, RDS, and/or TVA Sports through my TV provider – why can’t I watch my local team’s regional games within Rogers NHL LIVE™?

We provide the opportunity to all television distribution partners to allow their customers to connect their TV subscription to Rogers NHL LIVE™ in order to have a single, easy access-point to all the games they have paid for through both Rogers NHL LIVE™ and their TV subscription. However, it is the choice of each provider whether or not to participate. We are eager to add all providers and there is no cost for them to do so. Please contact your provider and let them know you want to be able to connect your subscription to Rogers NHL LIVE™.

While we realize that this doesn’t give you a centralized app from which to watch ANY NHL game, it will still allow you to view the games you’re already paying for through your TV subscription. Here’s a list of the apps you’ll need, in addition to Rogers NHL LIVE™ (NHL App) to watch in-market games on-the-go:

  • Sportsnet App: Provides in-market access to the regional, English-language broadcasts for the following teams
    • Vancouver Canucks
    • Calgary Flames
    • Edmonton Oilers
    • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • TSN Go App: Providers in-market access to the regional, English-language broadcasts for the following teams
    • Winnipeg Jets
    • Ottawa Senators
    • Toronto Maple Leafs
    • Montreal Canadiens
  • RDS Go App: Providers in-market access to the regional, French-language games for the following teams
    • Ottawa Senators
    • Montreal Canadiens
  • TVA Sports Hockey App: Providers access to all national, French-language games (approx. 160 regular season games, and all Stanley Cup® Playoffs games)

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My TV subscription is with a participating TV provider, and I have connected it to Rogers NHL LIVE™, but I am still unable to access certain games. Why?

There are a few reasons why this might be the case:

  • Your subscription may not include the required channel (e.g., you may have Sportsnet, but not TSN)
  • Your TV provider may not carry all channels (e.g., some providers offer TSN, but not TSN2)
  • Your TV provider may have agreed to allow authentication within Rogers NHL LIVE, but only for certain channels (e.g., currently, Vidéotron customers can only access TVA Sports channels in Rogers NHL LIVE™, even if others are included in their TV package)

Please contact your TV provider for more information about which channels are included with your service. Back to Top >

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